Take your time. Do not rush.

Hold your tounge… When the time is right to speak you will know.

Stand tall but do not be seen. Work hard and reap the rewards.

Be kind; not for fear of hell or the reward of heaven. Be kind because it is good and right.

At all times be yourself. Do not let those close to you cloud your judgement but know the impact of your actions and accept the consequences.

Be happy with what you have. Do not chase something that is unobtainable but do not fear to dream. Walk first, then run.

Create a life worth living. Find someone. Be happy. Do not let time swallow your ability to live…

Know your limits.

Know that no man or woman can ever be more important than you, no matter what they do. You matter.

Understand religion and embrace it… Whether you believe or not, be humble.

Love all of mankind and hold no prejudice regardless of race or religious belief.

Understand your own opinions and never judge others for theirs.

Be present. Be patient.

Be anything you want to be…


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